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Arkonor LLC

Over the last 20 years I have worked for 5 startups at various levels. At the end of the day they all failed due to lack of sales. This company was started to figure out why todays marketing appears to be a random crap-shoot. Where experts’ tell me this is how we do it and results are less than the cost of the solution. There has to be a better way and it was developed over the last 20 years of delving into all the distribution medias. 

Our People

I was a Software Engineer during the Dot-Com ERA and when the bubble burst, I found that self-employment means welcome to sales. I have worked for 5 startups at various levels as an IT specialist. At the end of the day, they all failed due to a lack of sales. Self-employment is the mother of invention and the only thing that matters is sales. After two decades as a Business Development Strategist, I started Arkonor LLC to replace the old sales methodology with a methodology focused on the modern business environment.

Roger Porto CEO, Texas, United States

I joined Arkonor LLC in December 2021, I have 8 years of experience in Sales and Marketing. Prior to Arkonor, I worked as a Sales Executive at TGI Fridays - Philippines handling corporate events and occassions. I also train staff in Food and Beverage Department. One of the reasons I chose Arkonor was the commitment of prioritizing the value of every client.

Jessa Torres Sales Manager, Manila, Philippines



Our Mission

To provide companies with a better sales solution that focus on driving sales to their sales team.


Our Vision

To be the ‘World’s Success of every Company’. As a successful company is also our success.

Why Choose Us


Equipped with an in-depth understanding of the organization's products and services. These experts prepare the marketing budget, lead the sales team, forecast sales, and analyze market trends.


You will learn how to configure Salesforce to collect, analyze, and retrieve vital customer information and create applications using Salesforce Lightning.

24/7 Support

When the 9 to 5 time frame is too busy. Our dedicated teams in different parts of the globe can help you. Send us a message at hello@arkonorllc.com


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